I would best describe myself as a traveler, seeking ways to open spaces for communication, intersections, meeting points of differences and similarities, various epistemologies and cosmologies, different points of views on the world, society
and life in general.

As a researcher, lecturer and NGO activist I struggle to fight various forms of social exclusion, discrimination, xenophobia and racism. My interests lie in the communication with various publics and cross disciplinary collaboration.

My research is focused on industrial workers, anthropology of postsocialism, organization of labor, meanings of work, memory and gender studies, Central/Eastern Europe
and the Balkans, intercultural communicaion. Besides my published work, I have organized and coordinated intercultural communication workshops for children, professional
trainings for professors and street actions in the field of intercultural dialogue, global education and social responsibility.

PhD degree in Social Anthropology (2006), Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis – Graduate School of the Humanities, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Bachelor degree (1999), Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University Ljubljana, Slovenia

Affiliated Institute for Contemporary History, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Allied Humanitas Society for Human Rights and Supportive Action, Ljubljana, Slovenia